Ep. 1: Stinky Tofu


What is that smell?  It’s stinky tofu, of course! Find out how clean fresh tofu becomes this pungent Taiwanese delicacy.  … Watch Now

Ep. 2: Batsang


Wrapped in bamboo leaves and stuffed with rice, you can think of this popular street food as a Taiwanese tamale…. Watch Now

Ep. 3: Boba Tea


Bubble Tea! Frubbles! Call it what you like. Learn how this popular frothy yet chewy drink is made.   Meet… Watch Now

New Series About Delicious Food


Welcome to Hungry Monster!  We are excited to officially launch the Hungry Monster website – the new home for our… Watch Now

Sneak Peek on Comcast


Comcast subscribers will get a Sneak Peek of Hungry Monster in May 2014 in honor of Taiwanese American Heritage week… Watch Now