The Show

Hailey and HarrisonNamed after the Taiwanese saying, “Yao Gui!”—a term my mother would call me when my “eyes were bigger than my stomach”—Hungry Monster is a web series that offers foodies of all ages a creative and humorous way to learn about different ethnic foods, their origins, their ingredients and how they are prepared.

Growing up in Los Angeles is like growing up in a stir-fry of cultures. The large and diverse immigrant populations make it possible to find amazingly authentic food from all over the world. Young people today grow up eating sushi, tamales, curries and fusion tacos off food trucks as much as they eat hamburgers and hot dogs. But when they eat something they like, do they know what it is? Where it comes from? Or how it was made? Hungry Monster sets out to answer those questions one webisode at a time.